Highland Yurts

made with environmentally low impact methods,  love and care for you in the Scottish Highlands

Welcome to Highland Yurts


We are based in the remote Highlands of Scotland and have the pleasure of walking the woods and sourcing the exact trees we need to make our various types of Yurts. Whether you are using it for traditional nomadic living or creating sacred space in the back garden our Yurts are made with love and care.


We use the most environmentally low impact methods available and so our Yurts are made with character and individual charm.


Welcome to our new look website. You will still  find our amazing yurts and prices that you have come to expect from Highland Yurts.


Also we have a new venue for your Holiday Hire experience, which is now situated close to Balmoral castle and tucked away in the woods.














welcome to the new hobbit yurt comming in to production soon with price to follow





  Highland Yurts : the versatile, environmentally friendly way to relax, be creative or live in no matter what the weather.... we know, because we do!

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